Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Favorites

Hi All,

If you couldn't tell, this fall has been pretty busy for us. We did a lot of traveling to a lot of weddings. We also got to see our families and do some other fun things. Here is a list of great memories and then some photos to remember them by.

Visiting Iowa for Labor Day
St. Louis family weekend + wedding
Happy Hours with co-workers
Nashville weekend + 2 weddings
Camping at Finger Lakes State Park with awesome s'mores and friends
Jen and Dave's wedding
Three year wedding anniversary :)
Football tailgates
Homecoming weekend

I think that about sums it up. We are so glad to have friends and family who we love. This fall has been a whirlwind and gone by amazingly fast. I can't believe tomorrow is Halloween! We have been in school for 12 weeks already. It is surely bittersweet. Looking forward to this winter season where we have several other things lined up that I'm sure you will hear about. Happy Wednesday!

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