Tuesday, September 17, 2013

St. Louis Getaway

This past weekend, Matt and I had the pleasure of traveling to St. Louis for a family weekend and wedding. It was so much fun! Everyone was able to make it except for Evan, which was a shame. On Friday night, we drove to STL and checked into the Union Station hotel. It was fabulous! We walked to the Cards game and met Meg, David, Mom and Dad. The seats were great! The game went into extra innings, but the Cards pulled it off 2-1!

Matt is being silly

The next morning we had a really yummy breakfast at the hotel. We all chatted and hung out with each other and then got ready for the wedding which was at 1. Melissa looked lovely (and Brian, too, of course)! Between the wedding and the reception, we all went back to the hotel and had some appetizers and drinks. The reception was at Windows on Washington in downtown, which was a really cool place.

I danced the night away with my cousins, and Matt even occasionally got on the floor with me! We had a lovely time. It was so nice to spend time with Cyril and Jenny, who I didn't see much this summer. And of course, it was fun to see Meg and Dave, since they live so far away. Special shout out to Mom and Dad for such a great weekend! I love you all.

Next up on the docket, camping this coming weekend!

Friday, September 13, 2013

New School Beginnings

Hello again,

A month has come and gone since I have written here. It is not because I have not wanted to, of course. This year I am at a new high school in Columbia called Battle. It is really nice. I am teaching two honors block classes, and one regular English 9. It might be too early to say this, but I so love my students. They are really quite lovely and so kind! Here are a few photos of my classroom. This is only my half, it is really twice this large since our biggest class has 58 students in it.

For Labor Day, Matt and I traveled up to Iowa to see my family there. It was such a nice time and I am really glad I get to go up there a few times a year! While there, I ate the best pot roast, potatoes and gravy ever, literally. I am still drooling over it. Matt also got to bond with Grandpa in the shop making a small chair with the woodworking tools. Next time, they plan to make something else!

What else is new?
-I am trying to make dinner for us two nights a week. Matt has evening classes on Wednesday and Thursday, so I am trying to help out. If you have any easy yet delicious recipes, send them my way!
-We have a bunny friend who lives in our front garden who is so adorable! I want to give it hugs and kisses.
-This morning it really felt like fall, and I got pretty excited about it!

This weekend we are traveling to St. Louis for my cousin's wedding. I can't wait to see everyone! It is like a mini reunion, minus Evan. Pictures to come later! Happy Friday, everyone!