Wednesday, July 9, 2014

More New Days


It has been a long time since I have written here. Matt and I have had a lot of changes and events going on. I'll try to sum them up and then maybe keep this more regularly now that things are settling down.

In May, Matt graduated from the University of Missouri Law School. I have so many emotions about this momentous occasion. I am very proud of him and know he will continue to do great things with his career! Many people came in to celebrate with us, including his family, my parents, his Grandpa and Aunt Jeri, and Glenn, Nancy and Rachael. We shared many meals and some champagne toasts. It was the most lovely time!

During that month, everything seemed to change in our life. We left the place where I started this blog, our original new beginning, to come back "home". We changed from being a family with someone in college and the other working, which we have been for the last four years. We moved into Matt's parents house, leaving some of our own space behind. We left what really feels now like our town-a place that was our own outside of our families. We left friends and what was an amazing job for me at a great school where I could have really built a career. It brings tears to my eyes now thinking of it.

I am so grateful for the time Matt and I spent in Columbia. We grew to love and trust each other more there. We learned to rely on each other to get through difficult times.  We laughed and traveled and saw new things and so much more. We are looking forward to finding our place here in Tennessee again. I have a job working with 9th and 10th graders, and we are getting things situated to eventually buy a home and start a family. But those things are still for another time yet; different new days.

Cheers to the memories, Missouri.

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